Extensions to the T-300:

-thermal transfer printer

-accurate labelling

-next-bag-out- printing

-more extra features


In addition to all the features of the T-300, the T-375 incorporates a thermal transfer printer for "next-bag-out" printing. This patented feature allows for printing, just prior to loading which guarantees accurate labeling. You can now package quantities of just one part number!


  • Four color screen with pop-up windows
  • Diagnostic and troubleshooting screens
  • Preset and totalizing bag counter
  • Automatic "paced" operation with fill time delay timer
  • Universal, adjustable parts chute
  • Adjustable support shelf
  • Blower with flow controls
  • One year limited parts warranty

T 375 New Just Machine

View the video of how the T-375 works:



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T 375 New