Films made from high-quality resins and mixtures Our raw materials are of the highest quality, from the best suppliers and result in constant product quality. Properties of high clarity, tear resistance, pressure-sensitive adhesion and consistency. We offer a complex line of specialty films, including:

  • LLDPE / LDPE, clear, opaque or tinted
  • EVA LDPE, various concentrations of EVA
  • HDPE (high tightness)
  • Antistatic
  • clear, pink or blue (printable)
  • Wall films, oxygen, chemical and aroma barriers
  • Polypropylene, with impressive clarity, high tear resistance
  • Multi-layer films, co-extruded
  • Biodegradable bags
  • We can supply bags for almost all products

Special foils

Our broad product line delivers all polyethylenes and PP quality films with the advantage of a single supply source. Foil Packaging the modern way of process.

Foils for all products
With foresight, we constantly test new products and improve existing ones in order to achieve the properties you require. Take the opportunity and request trial orders that you will receive for final quality control.

Standard films available
We can provide you with several standard foils. Please see from the attached list which film you need.

Also note our biodegradable films!

standard films

You can see our wide range of films in the table below. Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions about our offer. We particularly draw your attention to our biodegradable films for the bags.

1 Linear Low / Low Density Blend (LDPE/LLDPE) 1-5 mil Strong, industrial clarity film, virgin grade Stock bags, heavy products (fasteners), FDA, Medical Down gauge from LDPE, tear/cut resistant, strong seals
2 High Clarity, LDPE w/EVA 1-4 mil Retail clarity LDPE, virgin grade Retail printed bags, freezer applications, FDA, medical Enhances product, higher gloss levels
3 Shrink LDPE 1.25 mil Shrinks with minimal amounts of heat Applications that need to fit into a small carton Keeps product covered with no excess film
4 Opaque (or tinted) / Clear LLDPE Combination 1-5 mil White (or other colour) opaque or tinted on one side/clear on other side, virgin grade Thermal printing, bar coding, FDA, medical Lower cost than printed bags, larger print area for thermal printing, extended print head life
5 High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 1-2 mil Stiff, strong film, higher haze levels, natural, virgin grade Non-scratch products (silverware, lenses, or non coated plastics), FDA, medical Natural high slip surface, down-gauge from LDPE
6 Non-scratch (LDPE) 1-4 mil Retail clarity Lenses, silverware, cutlery, delicate pieces No scratches
7 Opaque, (LDPE) 1-5 mil White opaque film front and back, virgin grade FDA Thermally printed on
8 Tinted, (LDPE) 1-5 mil Color tinted film, virgin grade FDA Lower cost than printed bags, larger print area for thermal printing, extended print head life
9 Antistat, Clear 1.5-4 mil Clean/Dry (non greasy) clarity dependent upon concentrate level Dust control, static control, electronic components dusting products (i.e. Sand) Printable antistatic, nonirritant, mil spec. requirements met
10 Antistat, Tinted (Pink or Blue) 1.5-4 mil Clean/Dry (non greasy) clarity dependent upon concentrate level Dust control, static control, electronic components dusting products (i.e. Sand) Tint helps identify easy contrast from clear polyethylene bags
11 High Strength LLDPE 1.5-4 mil Stronger, clearer, higher productivity Heavy products, larger bag volumes, sharp products Linear low density blended films, heavy products, dart impact, tear strength
12 VCI 2-4 mil Non-greasy VCI, Strong film Rust/corrosion inhibitor, bearings fasteners, firearms Long shelf life, clean & dry
13 Tyvek/Polyester combination Varies Type1: A732-1073B uncoated, heat sealed to 48g polyester/2 mil polyethylene Type 2: A5920-1059B uncoated, heat sealed to 48g polyester/2mil polyethylene Medical Makeup for tyvek pouches, micron clear front material, heat lamination
14 Repro LLDPE 1-5 mil Higher haze level General purpose Economical/Environmental
15 Cast Polypropylene (CPP) 1-3 mil Outstanding clarity, strong film, brittle, high gloss, barrier properties: WVTR; .4, OTR 130 Candy, wreaths, retail products, FDA, medical, novelty items Excellent clarity, stronger seals, printable, low haze, high gloss
16 High Barrier Film 1.5-4 mil Strong film moisture, chemical and aroma barrier: WVTR; .4, OTR 7.5 Silverware, coffee, chocolate, migrating chemicals, aroma emitting products Excellent impact strength, good clarity, good barrier, long shelf life
17 Foil 1.5-3 mil Excellent optical properties, high oxygen barrier: WVTR; .05-.105, OTR; .25-18 Products which require oxygen barrier Superior Permeability
18 LLDPE/EVOH 1.5-4.9 mil Superior oxygen and barrier: WVTR; .18, OTR; .05 Laminators Superior oxygen barriers, optical properties, flat film caliper
19 USPS Polywrap Film 1-3 mil Meets the United States Postal Service Materials United States Postal Service Mail Pouches Used on automatic bagger equipment
20 PP/LDPE/EVA 1-2 mil Barrier film, high clarity, high strength Bakery products, dairy, novelties, plastic cutlery Bakery products, dairy products, plastic novelties