BagMatic, the leader in weighing systems and machines, offers top-of-the-line products that are reliable and durable. From small, medium to large weighing processes, BagMatic offers a comprehensive range of equipment to meet your exact requirements. With decades of experience, BagMatic machines offer the highest accuracy in all types of weighing applications and a simple user interface.

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UC-2400 series counter

The Ultra-Count series counter UC-2400 is an additional device for counting individual parts and parts of sets. Counting control through a programmable photocell. A touchscreen sends messages about the charging process or malfunctions. It works inline with the T-1000 industrial machine. With the Ultra-Count ™ series counter you can easily count individual parts or parts of sets. This means that all types of parts (fastening parts, medical parts, electrical parts or other components) can be packed accurately and in a time-saving manner. The UC-2400 offers flexibility and speed to get the job done quickly and accurately.

UCS-2400 Counter & scales

The UCS-2400 functions as a counter like the serial counter UC-2400, but is also a scale for weight control and a net scale. It is equipped with a large hopper and a vibratory conveyor and is more suitable for fully automatic packaging. It functions as a partial counter like the standard model UC-2400 and contains a large hopper, a high-speed vibrating bowl made of stainless steel as a drive, a V-conveyor belt for separating the filler parts, an optical high-speed frame and an accumulation device for portioning.

US-5000 semi-automatic weighing / counting system

The Ultrawaage US-5000 is a weighing and counting unit that can be easily connected to the various T-1000 industrial machines and then with an inline function. The device is particularly suitable if you have to / want to quickly change the series of parts or kits to be packed. The Ultrawaage US 50000 is a semi-automatic weighing / counting system that offers immediate production transitions, set packaging and a variety of order storage.

US-5500 Ultra scale with PTL (Pick-to-Light)

The Ultrawaage US-5500 is a major improvement to the counting and weighing system of the US-5000. On the connected sorting table there are lamps on the compartments for the putty parts to be loaded. With “green” you can still charge, with “orange” no more. This is the "pick-to-light" method. The Ultrawaage US-5500, together with the T-1000 industrial machine, can pack sets of different parts at a new level: with the help of the superior pick-to-light technology. Loading the kits has never been easier than with the sorting table equipped with LED lamps. When the weights of the portions of the set are entered on the touch screen of the US-5500 at the beginning of the loading, the lamps and the display of the touch screen signal the operator when the target number of a portion of the set has been reached. The next portion of the set (kits) can now be loaded etc. until the target weight of all portions of the set is reached. Only then do all parts of the set (putty parts) fall into the bag, which is automatically sealed and blown off by the T-1000. The loading of the next set can begin. (Portion = number of parts of a part number)

US-9000 Ultra-scale net scale & counting unit

The Ultrawaage US-9000 is both a net scale and a counting unit. It can be easily connected to the T-1000 industrial packaging machine and then works inline. The US-9000 is particularly suitable for small and / or difficult to separate parts that have to be packed. The US-9000 is ideal for the precise counting of filler parts, which can also be linked together and therefore cannot flow through a part counter. That is why the vibratory bowl feeder offers optimum speed when filling. If the weight of the filled parts approaches the predetermined target weight, the filling speed slows down so that the filling weight deviates only minimally from the target weight. Weighing takes place with a tolerance of up to 0.45 g deviation from the set target weight. If you increase the target weight with the tolerance, you achieve that the desired number of parts is at most exceeded, but never undercut. Therefore suitable the US-9000 is perfect for light and small parts that cannot be counted on a typical net scale.

T-1000H horizontal industrial machine for packaging

The horizontal industrial machine works like the T-1000, but it can be placed in the correct position, either horizontal or inclined, to facilitate bag loading. See also input accessories and TIZ printer. The horizontal industrial machine offers countless packaging solutions for a wide variety of products that are difficult to load on the T1000 vertical industrial machine. Insert your product horizontally into the bag - either manually or automatically: the machine then takes care of the rest. It seals the bag at the charging station and unloads the filled bag on the horizontal conveyor belt. The next bag is then already blown open and positioned - ready to receive the next product.

Weighing Systems & Weighing Machines from BagMatic

BagMatic's combination scales are ideal for industrial and agricultural use, offering multi-level measurements with digital display and programmable keys. And if you're looking for something more specialized, BagMatic offers custom solutions to meet various customer needs. If precision and quality are important to you, choose BagMatic for your next weighing system or machine.

How Weighing Systems & Weighing Machines Work in General

Weighing systems are devices used to measure the weight or mass of an object, usually in kilograms, pounds or other units of measurement. Weighing systems come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the type of object being weighed, such as smooth parts weighing less than 10 kg or larger objects like vehicles. These weighing systems are based on the principles of physics and the leverage forces that act against the force of gravity exerted by a planet. Traditional weighing systems often use an analog dial indicator for display with a measuring rod in the housing; this provides stability when measuring and ensures accuracy with repeatable readings over time. Digital weighing systems typically use load cells, which are pulleys connected to electrical resistors that change their resistance values depending on the force applied. The ability of these weighing systems to accurately record weight measurements makes them important tools for numerous industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture.

Weighing Systems & Linear Weighing Machines from BagMatic

In the world of weighing systems, BagMatic is the number one choice. The company specializes in linear weighing systems that feature high accuracy and durability for a variety of applications. To ensure you are satisfied with every purchase, experienced technicians are available to answer technical questions and advise you on installation and proper use. Finally, we offer them an excellent warranty while keeping costs low to ensure that you, the customer, always get value for your money. For all these reasons and more, it is clear why BagMatic solutions are the right choice when it comes to weighing systems.

Linear weighing machines & linear weighing systems to match BagMatic packaging machines

Linear weighing machines and systems are becoming increasingly important components in many manufacturing industries. Linear scales are specifically designed for use with BagMatic packaging machines and ensure accurate weight of the various items placed in the packaging bags. Linear weighing systems feature advanced technology that quickly provides critical weight data and can measure even very small weight changes, resulting in higher accuracy and faster production cycles. Linear weighing systems have rugged frames that can be used in harsh environments, making them a reliable option for many industrial applications. In short, they offer the perfect combination of precision, accuracy, speed and durability - all features needed in modern industrial production processes.

High-precision weighing systems for weighing your products with pinpoint accuracy

High-precision weighing systems provide an accurate and reliable way to weigh products. They are designed to provide consistently accurate readings even with the smallest changes in weight. Using extremely sensitive digital load cells or strain gauges, these systems can detect and analyze the smallest weight variations down to individual increments, ensuring the most accurate results. High-precision weighing systems also feature user-friendly features such as customizable displays and functions that allow you to adjust your weighing routine without changing the basic functions. With a BagMatic high-precision weighing system, you can be sure that every product you weigh is tested for accuracy according to strict standards.