Bags & packaging solutions for the automotive industry

Industrial products in the automotive industry vary in size and nature, which can pose a challenge for logistics processes. From small parts such as clips and seals to large, irregular shapes – Bagmatic has a variety of solutions for the packaging of automotive parts. Our customers already pack:

  • Rivets and clips
  • Cable ties and cable
  • plugs
  • windshield wipers
  • filter
  • individual parts
  • Parts sets
Packaging Machines For The Automotive Industry

(tube) bag packaging machines for the automotive industry

Bagging machines for automotive industry: In order to promote the durability and handling of a single product, it is worth considering the packaging machine as a relevant economic factor. Speed ​​but also quality are critical time factors in an industrial process. As a packaging machine manufacturer, we offer you individual solutions and great advantages:

  • Own quality and construction principles for a long life cycle
  • High quality standards in processing and material
  • Modular and adaptable construction principle
  • Innovative and advanced technologies
  • Easy modernization
  • Reliable and fast service

Pouch materials 

Bagmatic north-facing properties for the bag holder of automotive parts:

  • Foil pouch
  • Flowfresh foil bags
  • Twinpacks
  • Stretch film
  • Doyback


Pouch properties 

  • different sizesunprinted & printed bags
  • Short delivery times thanks to bags available from stock
  • Strong, clear, for heavy contentcolored pouch, antistatic,
  • e.g. B. for electronic components
industry bags | industrial plastic bags

The BagMatic service for packaging machines

Of course, our services also go beyond the actual products. Our trained employees support you, among other things, in the following areas:

  • Maintenance / repair
  • Conception
  • Assembly
  • Full service advice & implementation
  • Technical phone support
  • Field engineers
  • Customer training


Our mission is to enable packaging in bags automatically, quickly and easily at a fair price! We strive to offer our customers in the automotive industry complete packaging solutions and effective packaging machines and to provide the best possible customer service.

– B. Norman Walter, Manager

Your advantages with Bagmatic and the packaging machines:

  • A young, family-owned company in the third generation of packaging specialists
  • Competencies in both semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines
  • Unique "vision system" for quality control and accurate counting of products
  • Camera solution for registering the parts to be packed before they are packed in bags
  • Unique solution for counting and packaging very small and light parts, e.g. flower seeds
  • Robot integration for fully automatic packaging (parts loading)
  • Neutralization of static electricity of parts prior to packaging in bags
  • Incomparably good customer service both in our house as well as with the customers on site Europe-wide
  • Fair and competitive prices
  • New and reconditioned machines in stock

Your advantages with Bagmatic and the packaging machines:

  • Closing bags made of barrier material
  • Closing bags made of polyethylene
  • Transport packaging and industrial packaging
  • Closing sterile goods packaging
  • Welding tubular foils
  • Filling and closing at the same time
  • Promotional packaging
  • Reduce transport volume or oxygen
  • Testing flexible materials

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