Semi and fully automatic tubular bag table packaging machines

With our bag packaging machines for on the table or worktop, you increase your productivity, simplify the packaging process and lower your packaging costs. There are both table packaging machines and table sealing machines. We offer manual and fully automatic packaging table machines. In manual models, welding is controlled by a foot pedal, and our fully automatic table machines do this for you too.

Our table packaging machines are compact and space-saving. They are available with an integrated printer, so that the additional step of sticking on labels is eliminated. Thanks to the patented “next bag out” technology, the bags are printed continuously. So there can be no confusion, as the bottled product is immediately labeled. This optimization of packaging leads to further time savings.

Table machine for packaging

The packaging with prefabricated chain bags on rolls offers an excellent alternative to packaging with tubular bags. The exchange of new rolls with tubular bags takes less than a minute. The integrated bag opener ensures that each bag is also open and can be filled. The bag is moved to the loading position and opened automatically. It can always happen that a bag is not opened properly by the air flow.

Our table machines are very easy to use via the touch screen, which also displays error messages. They work fully automatically and can be connected to any production line. Different settings for the individual throughput cycles can be saved and the number of packaged bags can be easily read. You don’t have to worry about anything else. Universal funnels, which are included in the standard package, are used for filling.

Uncomplicated automation – table machines

The table sealing machines enable the bag to be sealed automatically so that your product is immediately protected. Our machines work at high speed so that you can increase your production without much effort.

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The various table machines for tubular bag packaging

T-375 Table machine with printer

Table machine with ZEBRA thermal printer and the "next bag out" method, i.e. the next bag already has a different print. This machine works like the table machine T-300, but the printer makes sticking labels unnecessary. Our automatic table machine with printer offers the patented "next bag out" technology for continuous bag printing. Equipped with a four-color touch screen and “pop-up” messages indicating the end of a run, as well as operation messages and error messages. Run cycle settings can be saved for immediate configuration. Changing roles takes less than a minute. The universal funnel is included in the standard equipment.

T-300 Table machine with BO-30 bag opener

The table machine with bag opener allows fully automatic bag packaging without rejects. In rare cases it happens that the airflow does not open a bag. The filler parts would not fall into the bag when loading. The bag opener prevents this. We are the only company in Europe to offer a tabletop machine for packaging that can be fed not only manually but also automatically with the products you want to pack. This is what makes this packaging system so special: as the last link, you can connect the T-300 machine with the BÖ-30 accessory to a fully automatic production line and as a result you will receive ready-to-sell bags with your products.

T-300 automatic table machine and welder

Tabletop machine for bag packaging. This machine is much faster than the T-200 and T-275. It has a touch screen with “pop-up” windows for messages, status and error display as well as storage and recall function for various orders. Our smallest, fully automatic packaging machine offers increased production output. It contains many new modules and features including touch screen operation, "pop-up" messages, job storage / job call and automatic pacemaker run. Possibility for automatic indexing, welding, separation of filled single bags or bag chains. Available additional options include the BF-10 bag vent, the CF-10 hopper, the CS-10 bag divider, the LS-10 / LS15 loading racks, the BL-10 blow-off device, hand scanner, stainless steel hopper and the trolley (see below).

T-275 automatic table machine for packaging

Automatic table machine for bag packaging. The machine uses chain bags on rolls. The bags are automatically moved to the loading position and opened. After filling, the bags are automatically sealed and blown off. If we go one step further in the packaging process, the T-275 table machine offers increased packaging speed and further automation. The T-275 packaging machine quickly and automatically pulls the bag into the loading / sealing position, opening it by the air flow so that it can be loaded. When the product is in the bag, press the button or foot pedal to seal the bag and place a new bag in the load / seal position.

T-200 manual table machine for packaging

Manual tabletop machine for bag packaging. It is a chain bag on wheels. The bags are pulled into the filling position by hand, but are opened automatically and sealed automatically after parts have been filled. Forget about welding by hand, because the table machine for bag packaging T-200, which also seals automatically, increases production dramatically and reduces packaging costs by simplifying the packaging operation. Packs every type of product - from electronic components, literature, manuals, food, jewelry to hand tools! The T-200 uses our pre-opened chain bags on rolls. Simply pull the bag into the loading and sealing position so that an air stream opens and inflates the bag, throws the product to be packed into the bag, press the foot pedal or the button to seal the bag - done. It's that easy and quick.