Bags & packaging solutions for the food industry

The optimal packaging of food is a critical success factor and not just a legal necessity. Durability and shape retention play a crucial role for the entire industry. The requirements of all parties involved change quickly and it can be difficult to keep an overview. Bagmatic is there to help you meet these requirements.

Many material groups have extensive regulations for the manufacture of materials and processes. And there are reasons for this:

The journey of food can be long. This is why packaging is required to protect the content. The goods must not become bad or grossly damaged, as this hinders the sale. The packaging must keep the food fresh and meet good storage and transport conditions. This means that international goods can be transported quickly and safely. The food packaging guarantees high quality, diverse selection and fresh nutritious goods.

Important functions in the food industry for food packaging.

As a packaging machine manufacturer and expert in innovative industrial process solutions, Bagmatic is the ideal partner for your food packaging and processed films. From individual machines to autonomous robot system solutions, you get quality directly from the manufacturer and set your food apart from the competition. Automatic bag machines for the food industry.

Pouch/Bag packaging machines for the food industry

In order to promote the durability and handling of a single product, it is worth considering the packaging machine as a relevant economic factor. Speed ​​but also quality are critical time factors in an industrial process. As a packaging machine manufacturer, we offer you individual solutions and great advantages:

  • Own quality and construction principles for a long life cycle
  • High quality standards in processing and material
  • Modular and adaptable construction principle
  • Innovative and advanced technologies
  • Easy modernization
  • Reliable and fast service


pouch materials

Bagmatic north-facing properties for the bag holder of food parts:

  • Foil pouch
  • Flowfresh foil bags
  • Twinpacks
  • Stretch film
  • Doyback


pouch properties

  • different sizesunprinted & printed bags
  • Short delivery times thanks to bags available from stock
  • Strong, clear, for heavy contentcolored pouch, antistatic,
  • e.g. B. for electronic components

packaging machines food industry – Services

Of course, our services also go beyond the actual products. Our trained employees support you, among other things, in the following areas:

  • Maintenance / repair
  • Conception
  • Assembly
  • Full service advice & implementation
  • Technical phone support
  • Field engineers
  • Customer training
Our mission is to enable food to be packed automatically, quickly and easily at a fair price! We strive to offer our customers in the food industry complete packaging solutions and effective packaging machines and to provide the best possible customer service.

– B. Norman Walter, Manager

Your advantages with Bagmatic and the packaging machines:

  • A young, family-owned company in the third generation of packaging specialists
  • Competencies in both semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines
  • Unique "vision system" for quality control and accurate counting of products
  • Camera solution for registering the parts to be packed before they are packed in bags
  • Unique solution for counting and packaging very small and light parts, e.g. flower seeds
  • Robot integration for fully automatic packaging (parts loading)
  • Neutralization of static electricity of parts prior to packaging in bags
  • Incomparably good customer service both in our house as well as with the customers on site Europe-wide
  • Fair and competitive prices
  • New and reconditioned machines in stock

Your advantages with Bagmatic and the packaging machines:

  • Closing bags made of barrier material
  • Closing bags made of polyethylene
  • Transport packaging and industrial packaging
  • Closing sterile goods packaging
  • Welding tubular foils
  • Filling and closing at the same time
  • Promotional packaging
  • Reduce transport volume or oxygen
  • Testing flexible materials

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    Food packaging machines – BagMatic

    In the food industry in particular, there is a high demand for practical packaging materials that are both appealing and uncomplicated for customers and optimize their own processes. Food packaging thus serves several purposes and is essential for your own sales success. Manufacturers of food packaging machines offer you an optimal solution for individual requirements and numerous types of food can be packed with their own packaging systems, such as:

    • snacks
    • Small food
    • sandwiches
    • Salad
    • meals
    • Burger
    • Water
    • Milk

    • Sweets/ Candy
    • Flesh
    • Coffee, tea, oils, powder, sugar, spices, herbs
    • Bread
    • soups
    • Nuts
    • rice
    • Crisps
    • Cookies

    And there are many other types of packaging for food and packaging machines, bag machines and the like. Contact us and we will find the right solution for your individual ideas and requirements.

    Food packaging machine: Manufacturer & sales in Germany

    Food packaging machines can sometimes also be individually printed with your own company logo or with special barcodes. In this way, you can not only optimize the internal manufacturing process, but also use the food packaging as a marketing tool. As a food machine manufacturer, the needs of the customer and the individual handling process for food packaging should have top priority. If you are looking for packaging for food, then you’ve come to the right place.

    Our packaging machines run semiautomatically or fully automatically, depending on your personal requirements. The contents of the packaging can also vary, whether snacks, small food, sandwiches, salads, meals, nuts, rice, meat, biscuits, chips, burgers, spices, herbs, powders, oils, etc., we have the right bagsPacking machine for you. Liquids such as water, milk or solids such as coffee or tea do not pose any problems for our packaging machines for the food industry.

    Food packaging equipment – machines for sale

    A packing machine for food products will help to improve your company process. On top you have the opportunity to create your own packaging-style. (Food Packaging supplies).

    A food wrapping machine can be used for almost all foods. And the food packaging machine prices can also vary depending on requirements. A food vacuum packaging machine has already helped many companies in the internal process, the preparations are easier and you are ready for higher sales of your products. A food packaging sealing machine is also very important to keep the individual products fresh.

    What could be of interest to you? A food bagging machine or vacuum packing machine?

    • Snacks packaging machine
    • Small food packaging machines
    • Sandwich packaging machine
    • Liquid filling machine (milk, water)
    • Chips packing machine
    • Or in general commercial food packaging equipment
    • Biscuit, cookie packaging machine
    • Sealer for food packaging
    • Rice packing machine
    • Food filling machine
    • Sugar, salt, herbs, spices (packing) packaging machines
    • Candy, milk, nuts, soup, tea, cookie pouch packaging machines
    • Salad, powder, oil, bread, bakery, pastry packaging machines
    • Meat packaging machines

    Filling and pouch packaging machines from BagMatic!

    Packaging machine for food from Bagmatic

    Bagmatic is your one-stop shop for food packaging equipment. As a food packaging machine manufacturer, we have extensive knowledge of food packaging and related industry processes. We are aware of the exact requirements of packaging and help you make the right choice for your business among the various packaging machine options. With a packaging machine food, you can then produce unique packaging that stands out from the crowd. Since a packaging machine food is a complex piece of equipment, we naturally offer other helpful services related to packaging machines food industry for you. Whether it’s technical support, equipment setup or repair, we’re here to help you with any concerns or questions you may have about your food packaging machine, and we’re always ready to assist you with our extensive expertise!

    Packaging machines for food – Diverse range at Bagmatic

    In our assortment there are different models of food packaging machines. All our models are characterized by a very high quality, as only the best materials are used in the construction of our packaging equipment. Therefore, we can assure you a very long life of our products. Moreover, our food packaging machines are designed in such a way that they can be easily upgraded in the future. Since both the quality of packaging and the speed at which it is packed are important economic factors, we place great emphasis on ensuring that all food packaging equipment we offer is as efficient as possible. This means that high quality packaging that keeps the product fresh can be produced at a fast speed by our food packaging machines. This allows the packaging process within your company to run smoothly and efficiently.

    Food packaging machines are necessary to package food in the best possible way

    In addition to the appearance of food packaging, which plays a very important role in a customer’s purchase decision, packaging also fulfills other important factors. High quality packaging protects food from damage and from deterioration. This is very relevant, especially with the long transport routes that foodstuffs imported from other countries have to travel from production to the point of sale. In addition, the sale of expired food has health consequences for the consumer and is therefore legally punishable. All packages produced with our food packaging machines meet the requirements for safe packaging. The materials used protect the food inside from breaking and going bad and do not leave any substances on the food that are harmful to humans.

    The knowledge of optimal food storage, as well as the implementation of this knowledge, is a must in order to be successful in the food industry. With the help of a food packaging machine from Bagmatic, you will certainly succeed in this!

    Use food packaging machine as a marketing tool

    Packaging machine food can be customized so that, for example, your company logo or barcodes are printed on the packaging. By printing your company’s logo on the packaging of your products, you use them not only as a cover for your food, but also as a form of marketing. You make your products recognizable as products that come from your company, and then spread your brand. People memorize your logo, become familiar with it, possibly recognize it and are more inclined to buy your products. For us it is important to find successful packaging solutions in the food sector for you. For this purpose we offer a wide range of different packaging machines at a fair price-performance ratio. In addition, you can count on a competent, open-minded customer service.

    With the help of packaging machines food you can pack all kinds of food products

    As a manufacturer packaging machines food, it is important to us that the packaging machines we offer can be used to package all kinds of food. Whether it is rice or lentils, bread or cakes, chips or nuts, or even liquids such as milk or juice, we will find an optimal solution to pack your products in a high-quality and efficient way. With a food packaging machine from Bagmatic, you can improve the flow of the packaging process in your company and also look forward to aesthetically pleasing as well as user-friendly packaging. You can also choose between fully and semi-automatic machines, depending on the desired place of use, different models are more suitable. We also respond to individual wishes and requests. It is important to us to develop optimal solutions for each customer, so that perfectly adapted products are created. The success of your company is always in the foreground and is the motivation of our work. If you are now interested in a Bagmatic food packaging machine or need help with your company’s packaging process, please feel free to contact us. We are always available to answer your questions and look forward to helping you!